Quilting Long Arm Services

Quilt Long Arm Prices

Basic Edge to Edge $0.015

Custom Design  $0.035

Edge to Edge:  A continuous (basic) quilt design that covers the entire quilt edge to edge at $.015 per square inch (4 hrs or less).
Custom Design – Edge to Edge  We offer separate border and corner designs which falls under custom quilting at $.035 per sq

Edge 2 Edge Examples

Basic Quilting Pattern (Edge to Edge) – $.015 per square inch (4 hrs or less)     Example – Quilt Size 80 X 90 = 7200 x $.015 = $108 

Price is Based on Total Quilt Square Inches – Length x Width = Square Inches

  • Items included in base pricing: 
  • Loading and Quilting of your Backing, Batting and Quilt Top on our Long Arm Machine
  • Choice of Quilt Basic Design, Edge to Edge, Block to Block or Designs 
  • Top Thread and Bobbins in any color – Signature Thread 100% Cotton 3 Ply

If you have a specific color you would like for your quilt, we will be happy to accommodate you.
We will be happy to select  a complimentary color and confirm it with you prior to use.
We utilize the same color thread for the quilt top and backing.
Top and bottom threads that contrast too much result in the
appearance of specks of the opposing color.
New Needle for every quilt 

Custom Quilting Example: