Northcott Banyan Batiks Vino Fabric with Violet Slate Wine Corks 80224-84

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Northcott Banyan Batiks Vino Fabric with Purple Wine Corks 80224-84

Vino Tempranillo Colorway - There are 9 fabrics to this colorway collection

Vino by Patti Carey of Banyan Batiks for Northcott

This fabric depicts purple wine corks. It uses shades of purple and blue to bring out the essence of wine. Depending on how you look at this fabric it can give you the feel of Napa Valley or Tuscany. Let your creativity come out with this fabric and collection.

Vino is a beautiful batik collection, in three colorways, with vino/wine as its focal point. This collection has everything a wine lover would want: a mini panel with a view of the vineyard, grapes, wine corks, and script.

100% Cotton
43"/44" wide
Manufactured by Northcott
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