Precuts? Fabric by the Yard?

Precuts? Fabric by the Yard?

When you are getting ready to start a quilt, what type of fabric do you like to use? Do you find yourself looking at more precuts or fabric by the yard? Do you find you have issues pairing fabric together?

I find that when I am getting ready to start a quilt choosing fabric can either be really fun or it can become frustrating because I have a certain fabric in mind but have a hard time finding it. 

I think it helps when picking my fabric to know what design I want on my quilt. Although, sometimes we find that precut we just love and have to have. If this is the case and I already have my precut then I will create my design around that. There are so many different patterns and designs out there of quilt ideas that your mind fills with so many quilts you can make.

Think about who your making the quilt for. Are there colors they like or a certain style they like? Thinking about this can also give you a good. I will then begin to pick my quilt pattern and fabrics based on that.

I, personally, enjoy using precuts because they are already cut for you and it helps narrow down all those quilt ideas you have. 

So, how do you get started? Do you like precuts or to pick fabrics by the yard and match them together?

If you have trouble matching those fabrics and picking a pattern, you should give our 3 yard quilt kit a try. With this kit you get 3 yards of fabric that coordinate and you also get to select a pattern. We take the guess work out of it for you. These kits are also good for those who want to give quilting a try. 


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