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Natalie is a ten year girl who is currently in 4th grade. She took an interest in sewing about 2 years ago and starting working with her Nana and mother. Natalie really began sewing by making simple Christmas gifts for her family with her Nana’s guidance. Natalie and her Nana made matching aprons for Natalie and her mom. Natalie took a sewing class last year for kids where she made a pillow case, drawstring bag, and cosmetic bag with a zipper. She then went on to make a quilt for State Fair where she won 1st place.
Natalie’s loves to sew with her mom and Nana, draw, paint and be with her animals. She is also working on showing a lamb at county fair. Natalie has 3 dogs, 1 pig, and 2 goats. She loves to jump on the trampoline and be with her friends.
We will follow Natalie on her journey with her county fair quilt and lamb……..

Feb.8, 2019
I sat down and worked on my quilt for fair. I really wanted to play but my mom keeps telling me I am running out of time. So I messed up on my first row so I am having to redo it. I really like the fabric I picked out. I just hope it comes together now.


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